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Das ist mein Hund und ich möchte gerne einen neuen Happy End Beitrag hinzufügen

Eintrag vom 13.12.2020
Byron who is now our beloved Basco

Byron, whom we renamed Basco, has been with us for nearly 7 months now and it has been an amazing experience for us. All 3 of us fell in love with him immediately, how can you not!

Everyday we have been learning new things about him as he is starting to feel more relaxed and confident in his new home.

He is incredibly smart and already knows his daily 6km round which includes some forest, some lake and some streams. He can lead the way and sits down in protest if we cut it short. J

He loves training time with tasty treats but not much works when he is in his element in hunting mode!  Thats when you see his other side and he is totally true to his breed.

At home, however,  Basco is the most loving dog in the world who wants to hug and be petted all the time. And when he is in a mischievous and playful mood he will bring a shoe, a T-shirt or anything of ours that he finds around the house... He brings us lots of laughs, happiness and warmth and we can't imagine our lives without him anymore J)))))

Thank you for bringing him to us